Friday, July 27, 2012

Configure Google Analystics for Blogger

Create a Google Analytics Account
  1. go to Google Analytics and click "Create an account"
  2. on the next Page click "Sign up"
  3. fill the form with the informations about your blog
    • Account Name - name for the blog that by displayed in Google Analystics
    • Website Url
      • select "http"
      • paste the url of your blog e.g: http:/
  4. Accept the terms of use and click "Create Account" 
  5. Copy the Tracking Code, its the number which begins with "UA-"

Configure your Blog to use the Tracking Code
  1. go to your blog settings and select "Others" in the left menu
  2. paste the tracking code at the bottom of the page in the field "Analytics Web Property ID"
  3. you are done, nice job !

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